We at CTC GPS hope the information provided below, in addition to our list of FAQs, will be beneficial to both prospective clients and current partners/advocates alike. Please check back frequently for updates, as we’re always looking to improve in much the same way iMetrik is constantly investing in R&D in order to keep up with your changing needs and stay ahead of the technological curve! In fact, we already have the first 3.5G GPS Tracking Devices on the market! Call 713-825-1128 (Darrell) or 602-503-1496 (Cherie) today for details!

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gps tracking solutions
In addition to having the best DNA (best Device, best Network and best Application), discover what else sets CTC GPS Tracking Solutions apart from the competition.
What Sets iMetrik Apart From Competitors 2012-2013.pdf

Unsure which of our vehicle tracking devices will work best for your business? Contact Us Now or check here for the basic differences between iLocate, iRecover and iCollect models.
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Regardless of which GPS tracking model and options are best suited to your needs, the installation process is quick and easy. CTC GPS products require a simple two-wire (main and ground) connection to any constant 12v and are usually placed behind the dashboard. Currently, all models come with an internal radio antenna, with the GPS antenna being internal or external (for even higher gain and quicker response), depending on the particular device. The starter interrupt cable connection comes standard on the Collects and is an option for both the Recovers and Locates.

iMetrik’s intuitive and user-friendly web interface offers remote access, monitoring and control of your assets/vehicles, and there is never any software to download. Commands return street view and 3D maps that report a vehicle’s exact address–including latitude and longitude–plus speed, direction and odometer tracking. Some of the other online tools include history reporting that is archived indefinitely (unlike most other providers), sortable data, groups and scheduling, user level accountability and administrative control for those who manage more than one location. Here’s a walkthrough of some of the basics.
Basic User Guide for iMetrik.com Web Application.pdf

There is always a small possibility that someone will remove the CTC GPS tracker from the vehicle. That’s why we advise that you set up FREE daily locates on every one of your devices. That way, in the unlikely event the GPS is discovered and removed, you can look back at its history of maps and recognize a pattern of locations and driver behavior in order to help you find your vehicle. It’s very quick and simple to set up these daily locates, and you can do it in batches. Follow the “How To” instructions here.
How To Set Up Free Daily Locates For All Units.pdf

gps tracking solutions
A geo-fence is a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area. Geofences are available with both our Recover and Collect GPS vehicle tracking units. Properly set up, notification will be sent via SMS text and/or email as soon as a vehicle crosses the predefined boundaries you’ve set. This is pretty much limited only by your imagination, but here’s a guide to help you do it right!
How To Set Up Geo-Fence With Perimeter Alerts.pdf

You have the ability to set up Power Monitoring Alerts on the Collect devices, which have an internal backup battery. Properly set up, the alert will send a loss of power text and/or email message when the unit is disconnected. The backup battery will allow additional time to locate the vehicle, and a map of the device’s last known position will also be generated so that you have a better chance of finding it. This Power Monitoring function is also very useful for protecting trailers and towable RVs that have lights to power the GPS tracking device. When the towable asset is unhooked, that same loss of power/disconnect text/email can be set up and a last known position automatically saved. Here are the details on how to set this up on your iCollects.
How To Set Up Power Monitoring For Collects.pdf

CTC GPS Collect Trackers also come with a Tampering Detection tool, perhaps better called a “Movement” Alert. Whether or not the included Starter Interrupt cables have been installed, once a “Disable” command has been sent to the device, you will be notified instantly by text and/or email when that vehicle moves. This tool requires proper set up for each device using our web interface, so we’ve included easy to follow instructions here.
How To Set Up Tamper-Movement Alerts For Collects.pdf

Many of our clients, most predominantly sub-prime auto finance companies, franchise and independent used car (BHPH) dealers and car rental agencies, choose to implement a disclosure agreement as a condition of the loan or rental. If you don’t already use such an agreement, following are some examples, including one in Spanish. Feel free to customize or combine them to suit your specific needs.
Sample Borrower Disclosure 1.pdf
Sample Borrower Disclosure 2.pdf
Sample Borrower Disclosure 3.pdf
Sample Borrower Disclosure Spanish.pdf

Here’s an article you might find of interest from the October 2012 edition of Texas Dealer magazine. It basically states that, regardless of past history, all Texas auto dealers should be paying sales tax on any GPS tracking devices and air-time fees they purchase. Remember that CTC GPS has never and will never charge for air-time or other sometimes “hidden” fees because iMetrik is the only GPS tracking device manufacturer that owns its own network and does not rely on any one cellular network. All these wireless carriers charge usage fees that other GPS providers will pass down to you! Most air-time fees range from $15 to $25 per year and can go up at any time–some competitors even charge monthly fees–so that could be an extra $25,000 or more per year (plus tax) for every thousand vehicles you have in your portfolio. Please don’t be fooled by a smooth-talking salesperson; make sure you “see the big picture” by checking the facts and doing the math.
TIADA Article Regarding TX State Sales Tax on GPS Tracking Devices.pdf