We currently stock 2G and 3.5G GPS vehicle tracking devices (Locate, Recover & Collect), all designed and built by iMetrik, the only manufacturer that makes and warranties its own products plus manages its own Global Wireless Network–your complete end-to-end solution. Our trackers interface with multiple wireless carriers and switch over the air to determine and use the strongest available cellular network, so they will locate when others cannot! They’re all built specifically for the harsh automotive environment, can be reused/transferred between vehicles and have no renewal or airtime fees. Because of the aggressive approach iMetrik takes to R&D, you can rest assured that our devices will always stay ahead of the technological curve.

Every unit currently comes with: on-demand tracking of exact location, speed and direction 24 hours a day; continuous network monitoring; 100 credits that pool for use on all vehicles; FREE DAILY LOCATES; all the hardware you need for easy installation, plus no nasty surprises with hidden fees or contracts!

Check out some of the basic differences between our Locate, Recover and Collect models, then see our FAQs for more information or contact us now if you want help or advise before making your choice:

comparicon chart


imetrik2This is our entry-level device that is a perfectly simple, locate-only solution for affordable asset management and recovery of financed or rented vehicles and equipment.

  • Instant Tracking 24/7 of Vehicle’s Coordinates, Speed & Direction
  • Reduces Payment Delinquencies and Cost of Collections on Loans & Rentals
  • Aids in Repossession and Reduces Recovery Costs
  • FREE Daily Locate Feature
  • Optional External Starter Relay


imetrik3This is our mid-level device designed for BHPH dealers who need a reliable and affordable, single-purpose GPS device for asset recovery. It has all of the features of the Locate, plus these:

  • Perimeter-based Geo-fence Alerts
  • Auto Power Save/Sleep Mode
  • External GPS antenna for added receptivity
  • Optional External Starter Relay


imetrik1This is our top-of-the-line credit risk management system designed to be a complete loan collection and asset recovery solution for subprime lenders. Use of it has proven to dramatically reduce delinquencies and increase on-time payments. It includes all of the features of the Recover, with the addition of these:

  • Exclusive Internal Starter Disable (SID)
  • Exclusive Internal Backup Battery For Added Security & Protection
  • Prompts Driver For Payment
  • Disables Vehicles For Repossession
  • Power Monitoring Function
  • Tampering/Movement Alerts
  • Sends Extensive Vehicle Behavior Alerts

All three tracking devices reduce repossession costs and save you time and lots of money, but here are some additional stats on the benefits of utilizing our complete payment collection technology:

  • Reduce payment delinquencies by over 70%
  • 33% reduction in “skips”
  • 8% increase in cash flow
  • 12% reduction in repossessions (60% cost savings)
  • 21% increase in collection agent productivity

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking Solutions can be tailored to meet the specific needs of just about anybody (i.e., auto insurance companies, big truck fleet managers, industrial and commercial equipment rental agencies, taxicab and bus companies). They are available with add-on features like maintenance requirement alerts and tracking of driving behaviors including excess speed and mileage driven. Please contact us now, and we’ll work to find a customized solution for your business!